Foil stamping – It’s brilliant, eye catching, and creates a great deal of visual impact. Foils are available in may styles including metallic, gloss and dull pigments, pastel, tints, clear, satin pearl and marble. Foil stamping can create a first –class, distinguished image for your printed material.

Embossing – Many logo’s “come to life” through the use of blind embossing (no ink or foil on image). Embossing not only can add texture and dimension to certain projects, it can also smooth out a papers surface creating appealing contrasts. Sculptured, contoured and multilevel emboss dies can create dynamic effects also.

Combination Foil Stamp/Emboss – The combination of both foil stamping and embossing can add an extraordinary appearance to any graphic image.

Die Cutting
– An exciting and creative impact that lays no boundaries on the imagination. The die-cutting process can render spectacular visual effects or even functional effects with precise edges. Due to its relatively reasonable price, it is an attractive design element for clients on a limited budget.

Thermography – Better known as “raised printing” is being used on much more than business stationary. Acting as a simulated engraving, it also can create dynamic graphic effects.

Other capabilities include:
Offset printing – one to four colors
Digital printing
Letterpress –
such as kiss cutting, die cutting, perforating, (hot) scoring and numbering
Creative layout and design
Shipping available anywhere in U.SA. and Canada
Most credit cards accepted

We are also an Advertising Specialties distributor of:
Embroidered apparel – shirts, jackets, hats, etc.
Sport bottles
Executive gifts
Writing instruments
Key chains and flashlights

Foil Stamping and Embossing Specialists


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